About us Jusaj family has started their private business with fuel in the oil industry since 1989 in the name of DukCommerce. Four years later, in 1993 the business has changed its trading name to Delta Impex.After the war, have returned to original trade, registering a new business in Petrol Company brand name, which is fully operational since 2000.During the last decade of its presence in Kosovo , Petrol Company has managed to increase business ownership from one station in Kosovo Polje to the largest company provider of fuel in the country, offering to customers quality products with competitive prices.Today, Petrol Company operates a network of 28 stations, which are geographically distributed throughout Kosovo, and each station is visited by an average of over 1000 customers per day. Most of all gas stations are annexed to stores, fully equipped retail, some of these points are equipped with restaurants that offer the highest quality food in the Kosovo. Petrol Company sh.p.k within it there are technical inspection of vehicles in the city of Pristina. Petrol Company is leader in the supply of corporate and larger institutions in Kosovo, with a current portfolio of over 400 active agreements of purchase and supply. We currently operate 15 trucks which are owned by our company, and also have 15 trucks hired by tankers. Landfill (base) is fully equipped with the most sophisticated digitization with a total capacity for storage of 6,000 m3, built in accordance with the standards of the EU, and located in Dobreve only 6 km distance from the International Airport of  Prishtina " Adem Jashari ". Capacity for storing the fuel of company is organized as:  800 m3 of storage space are for gas(LPG) ,1500 m3 storage space assigned for gasoline ,1500 m3 storage space assigned to the oil,1500 m3 are designated for storage of heavy oil , 1500 m3 storage space assigned to the Jet A1 fuel (kerosene). Our team of approximately 300 employees, are trained to the highest standards of customer care and attend seminars regularly at least 2 times per year, depending on their rank in the organization chart. As a result of the work and dedication of all, we always make sure our customers are satisfied with the services provided by our staff, and one of the main priorities is the health and safety of our staff and customers. We are proud to declare that all in Petrol Company as a team, we all commit ourselves to achieving the vision of the owners Jusaj to become the biggest business and with more reputation in Kosovo.
MISSION Mission of our company is to provide high quality oil products and guaranteed correctness, being always a step ahead of others. To educate our customers, to save their family budget, because being supplied to us, besides cheaper prices in the country, liter is liter, as is the motto of  Petrol Company.
VISION Our vision in the future is to expand further our company, and our overall objective is to increase our business year after our year. Our clients, workers and cooperators have given more value to our financial power. We have an energetic and dedicated staff, committed to continuously expand their knowledge as part of a large company, such as we are.
Leposaviq Mitrovicë Podujevë Vushtrri Skenderaj Istog Pejë Klinë Drenas Prishtinë F.Kosovë Kamenicë Lipjan Gjilan Ferizaj Malishevë Rahovec Gjakovë Prizren Dragash
Depozitat / Deposits - Dobreve
PETROL STATION Owned of Petrol Company
FRANCHISING Use Brand of Petrol Company
CONTRACTORS Contractors who perform services for Petrol Company
OIL PRODUCTS PETROL COMPANY provides oil products of highest quality than any other competitor in this industry. Our goal is to remain the best choice for the drivers and their vehicles. High quality oil products,
RESTAURANTS As a company, at the gas stations we have at disposal, we, also, provide for our clients a place where they can eat and relax. Food and beverage served there, meet the highest quality and freshness
SHOPS At the gas stations, we provide food products and services that meet the needs of our customers. Much attention is paid to the quality, variety and prices, the latter having the lowest in the market,
TECHNICAL CHECK-UP In order to provide for the needs of our clients, in the best possible way, we offer excellent technical check-ups both for small and large vehicles up to 3.5 tons.
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